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EventX’s Livestreaming Tool Is Coming to the Platform Soon and It’s Awesome

EventX is about to launch its own livestreaming tool. Here’s what it means for users.

What Is the New Livestreaming Feature?

The most important part of any event or business relationship is the ability to communicate easily and effectively with one’s audience. This is exactly why EventX’s Product team has been working on something special. Within the next few weeks, we will be launching our brand new inbuilt live streaming tool, allowing enhanced interactions between booth vendors and their potential customers.

How Will it Work?

Vendors will have the option to go live at a moment’s notice. Click the button and bang, you’re live broadcasting to everyone browsing your booth. You can even choose to select a preferred video source, be it directly from your webcam feed or via broadcast software like OBS. And you’ll see a preview beforehand so you’ll know if the feed is coming through clear. It’s really that simple. Once you’re streaming, you can make presentations, greet your booth’s visitors personally and directly answer any questions that have been asked in your booth’s text chat window.

Why Are We Excited About it?

We love the potential of live video for online events and how it can offer a personal touch compared to pre-recorded segments, capturing people in the here and now in a reactive fashion. And we wanted to create as streamlined a system as possible to make this happen. By developing our own in-house livestreaming element, we’ve saved our users the hassle of working with third-party tools, meaning you can keep your mind focused on where it should be, forming connections. 

What’s Next?

Going forward, we are very keen to enhance the possibilities of live video. One element we hope to introduce later this spring is data enrichment, which will greatly improve customer journeys. When we launch our live video tool, vendors will be able to see who is present in their booth and anything they say in chat. But when we launch our data enrichment features, vendors will be able to get immediate feedback from the activities of booth visitors, such as notifications on what products they are viewing. By combining up-to-the-moment updates with a live video response, we will provide an informed experience that crosses the boundaries between traditional and digital vendor experiences.

Innovations like these are only the start of what our product team has planned. As EventX continues to provide event organizers and attendees with the best virtual event platform in Asia, we promise to never stop innovating. If you want to stay on top of what we cook up for events in the future, subscribe to our newsletter today.

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