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Provide your attendees, whether in-person or virtual, with constant engagement right at their fingertips. Our event app platform seamlessly connects them to vital event content, fellow attendees, and all necessary event details.

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Game-changing Event Apps that Simplify the Way

You Interact and Engage with Your Attendees.


Personal Event Agenda


Networking Lounge


Chat, Live Q&A & Polling 


Push Notifications


Robust Exhibitors Profiles


Live Streaming & Recording

Designed to Cater to Events of Any Scale and Type

In-Person Events
Elevate your attendees' experience by providing a comprehensive event app that enriches their participation.

Virtual Events
Transform your virtual events into immersive digital experiences. Offers attendees an engaging platform where they can interact and connect meaningfully. 

Hybrid Events
Optimize your hybrid event with an app designed to unify the attendee experience, whether they're joining in-person or virtually.

Transform Attendee Interaction into an extraordinary experience.

Elevates digital engagement and connectivity, offering unparalleled interactivity and immersion




Event Lobby

Serves as the initial landing and homepage for attendees upon entering the event.

  • Centralized hub for easy access to all event sections.
  • A straightforward and user-friendly interface for attendees.
  • Enables attendees to reach any part of the event with just a single tap.
  • Facilitates smooth attendee movement throughout the event’s space.


Session Schedule

Displays a comprehensive list of all upcoming or current webinars and in-person seminars details.

  • Attendees can join sessions promptly with a simple, single click.
  • Offers the option to join in-person or view live-streamed webinars.
  • Provides recordings of webinars for attendees who miss the live sessions
  • Gives a complete snapshot of all event sessions in one place.
  • Facilitates easy planning and scheduling for attendees.


Live Interaction

An interactive feature that allows attendees to engage directly with speakers via a Q&A format and participate in live polls.

  • Live polling enables instant attendee feedback
  • Active participation make sessions more interactive and engaging
  • Enhances the educational aspect of events by enabling direct interaction
  • Ask questions in real-time, enhancing the learning experience


Organization Booth

Tailored for organizations and companies to showcase their unique brand identity.

  • Comprehensively display their services, products, and company ethos.
  • Supports Multi-Media formats for uploading information
  • Designed to captivate and attract the intended audience.
  • Real-time communication between attendees and company representatives.
  • Efficient appointment setting for deeper business discussions and networking.


Speaker and Sponsor List

A comprehensive directory showcasing the entities that support the event, including sponsors and speakers.

  • Enhance brand visibility for sponsors by highlighting their support 
  • Allows attendees to quickly view detailed profiles of speakers
  • Showcasing reputable speakers and sponsors enhances the event's overall credibility and appeal


Networking Hub

A dynamic attendee list allows attendees to easily identify and connect with like-minded individuals.

  • Empowers attendees to connect with peers sharing similar interests
  • Features tags and search tools to identify specific attendees
  • Facilitates immediate communication via direct messaging
  • Offers appointment scheduling functionality to arrange meetings
  • Attendees can make their profiles public, increasing their visibility and networking potential

Centralize All Your Event Activities with One App

EventX brings you a robust, secure, and intuitive event app solution, perfect for conferences and trade show.


What our customers say

“We're glad we found EventX. Their solution has been the easiest to understand, to explain to potential exhibitors and attendees, to set-up, and to navigate. All of the core experiences we wanted to make our trade shows virtual, EventX helped us make possible. Best of all, the platform just keeps improving. We're amazed by how quickly this team has been able to adapt to the changing times, helping event organizers like us to do the same. Here's to more years of fruitful partnership between us!”

“We were very satisfied with EventX virtual event Platform during our virtual conference last week. From a technical point of view, everything went very smooth and seamless. Our delegates were very positive and they found the platform very user friendly. Well done!”

“We are really happy about the platform. The platform fulfils our expectation for organising the exhibition and bring the real feeling of expo for exhibitors and visitors. Besides, it is an easy-to-use platform which can help our exhibitors build-up booths and registration easily. Thank you very much for your team working hard to make us a successful exhibition.”

With 10 years of experience in the event industry, we know what you care about.


China Network Accessibility

Enhance your business' accessibility with the use of any events in China


ISO 27001 Certified

EventX was the first Asia-based event management software platform to obtain ISO 27001 certification.


SSL Encrypted

All EventX customer data is encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology.


PCI Controlled Payment

EventX employs PCI Controls provided by Stripe, our official payment gateway partner.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Since May 25, 2018, EventX has complied with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of adopting mobile event app?

Elevated User Convenience: Mobile apps revolutionize the way we accomplish daily tasks, providing a streamlined, efficient approach to accessing information and services. They empower users to effortlessly execute a variety of activities, from watching seminar to instant communication, all through the convenience of their smartphones.

Enhanced User Engagement: Mobile apps create engaging, personalized user experiences. They captivate users with interactive elements such as push notifications, social sharing options, and content customized to individual preferences, thereby strengthening the bond between users and brands.

Why opt for a mobile event app at your events?

Boosted Engagement: Mobile event apps are equipped with dynamic features like live polling, Q&A, and networking options, significantly enhancing attendee involvement.

Streamlined Information Access: These apps offer instant access to essential event details such as schedules and updates, providing a digital, eco-friendly alternative to printed materials.

Valuable Networking Platforms: Integrated attendee lists and networking tools within the app facilitate meaningful connections among professionals, broadening networking opportunities.

Customized Attendee Experiences: The apps can adapt their content and recommendations to match individual attendee preferences, offering a personalized event journey.

Effortless Communication: Real-time notifications and alerts ensure attendees are always up-to-date with the latest schedule changes, speaker info, and essential announcements.

How do I create an event app?

  1. Identify Objectives: Start by clarifying the app's purpose and defining your target audience. Determine essential features, such as event schedules, networking capabilities, or interactive polls.

  2. Select a Development Path: Choose between custom development from the ground up or utilizing a specialized event app platform like EventX.

  3. Focus on User Experience: Design an interface that's not only user-friendly but also visually appealing. Incorporate easy navigation and branding elements for a cohesive look.

  4. Commence App Development: If opting for a custom build, leverage app development tools like EventX. Ensure the app is compatible across both iOS and Android platforms.

  5. Feature Integration: Incorporate key functionalities, including detailed event schedules, comprehensive speaker profiles, attendee lists for networking, and in-app messaging systems.

Does EventX support in Mainland China?

We are localized for Asia with China's streaming license so we can help your event access in China. With our 96% of Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), we will ensure your events run smoothly with our platform along with our in-person and virtual event solutions.

How does EventX ensure the security of users' data?

EventX is the first Asia-based event management software platform to obtain ISO 27001 certification. All our customer data is encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology with regular backup. We comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure users' data privacy. We also promise that your data will not be used for advertising purposes.

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We offer tailored plans for event pros with unique needs. Get personalized support, customized pricing, and more by partnering with our sales team.

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