Attendee Generation

Invite prospective clients beyond your current marketing list

Filling up all the empty seats for you with just one click of our Magic Lead Button. 





Struggling to find event attendees? Here’s the solution you need.

 Fill up your empty seats in only 3 steps.

Step 1.
Get your audience
Finding attendees is always the biggest challenge. Just enter your niche and we will generate a list of audiences for you.
Step 2.
Blast out your invitations
With the list of emails we generate for you, you can draft your invitations and blast it out on EventX.
Step 3.
Generate leads
It's time for you to present your great ideas! With EventX, you can focus on your time on creating the best experience to convert them and save time on inviting guests.

Demand Generation

74% of organizers* considered events their most crucial demand generation tactics. It can create a more positive perception of an organization. And events allow you to generate leads, engage customers and prospects, and build your brand.

Attendee Generation is just the first step of the whole journey. Our product offering covers Event Registration, Event Operation, Engagement, and Follow-up. We are ready to support you throughout the event journey and your business pipelines.

More Effective than Cold Email

Compared to the opening rate of a Newsletter (20%), EventX can offer you a much higher email delivery and opening rate (40%)*. You can rest assured that your message will be delivered to your target group without going to the spam folder.

linkedin sales

Way Better than LinkedIn

Paid InMail, which LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers, has only a sending limit of 100 per month. It only provides one-off automation with an average opening rate of 21.6%

While EventX offers free email drip campaigns with a monthly limit of 600k*. You can quickly achieve a 40% opening rate* with just a few clicks.

Why EventX

With almost 10 years of experience in the event industry, we are here to help you.


China Network Accessibility

Enhance your business' accessibility with the use of virtual events in China.


ISO 27001 Certified

EventX was the first Asia-based event management software platform to obtain ISO 27001 certification.


SSL Encrypted

All EventX customer data is encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology.


PCI Controlled Payment

EventX employs PCI Controls provided by Stripe, our official payment gateway partner.


Need clarification?

What is attendees generation?

Attendee generation is the process of turning interested individuals into customers. It involves attracting and engaging potential customers through events or other activities. 

Why is attendees generation important?

By generating more attendees, you’ll increase your chances of success and generate more leads – which can then be turned into customers. This helps create revenue and buzz for your events.

What is the common way to generate attendees?

One of the most relied methods is through Marketing Channels. However, conversion rates may be low, and results are not guaranteed. Hence. B2B marketers are looking for a solution that offers better performance output.

Why should I generate attendees with EventX?

Marketing an event is a highly complex endeavor that can become expensive and time-consuming when managed using traditional processes and solutions. According to Forrester, 93% of Event organizers are struggling in finding attendees.

With our databases and professional technique, we fill your events with targeted attendees who are likely to become qualified sales opportunities.

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