Unlock Possibilities with the EventX Conference Platform

Audience Engagement

Interacting with your conference participants has never been easier. Entertain questions and engage throughout your program in a single handy interface through our online conference platform.

Attendee Management

Send out invitations and reminders with ease by using our built-in attendee management system. Organize your event and maximize attendees at the click of a button.

Online Conference Hall

Optimize your digital venue for powerful speeches and maximum attendance. By creating conducive areas for audiences and networking, you can make the most of the EventX conference platform.

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Email Customization & Automation

The EventX virtual conference platform helps you to increase the attendee rate through EDM journey without coding.

  •  Customizable email templates are well-prepared for you.
  •  An intrigued subject line is added to skyrocket your RSVPs.
  •  An initiative layout is offered for automating all your email sequences.

Increase the Tools in Your Online Arsenal

Our conference platform is an all-in-one solution that features functions for engagement. Engage the room with live chat, or with polling and Q&A tools during keynote speeches. Guarantee the success of your online conference by adding our tools to your arsenal.


In-Depth Analytics for Better Conferences Online

Online conferences are quickly becoming the norm for many companies and organizations. Learn what you can do better each time and conduct high quality events through our online conference platform!


Effortless Conference Management

Say goodbye to complicated user interfaces. The EventX conference platform makes online conference management a breeze, even on a busy schedule. Focus on delivering the best conference experience by making game-changing adjustments at the click of a button.

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Better Connection Building

Our conference platform keeps both speakers and audiences the means to exchange valuable ideas and conversations, while also storing their personal data for the benefit of online conference organizers and sponsors for later marketing use.


Solutions We Offer

EventX offers diverse digital solutions that utilize our conferencing software.

Hybrid Events

Open up your conference to both live and online attendees. Raise attendance and meet prospects from your local area and from around the world with ease.


Manage your webinar well by utilizing the EventX conferencing software to educate and raise awareness about your brand or product.

Exhibitions & Virtual Events

Conferences can be a great place to hype up new events or product launches. Give your organization’s offerings a stage to shine by highlighting your product at your next online conference.

In-Person Events

Hold in-person events and broadcast them to your socials with the cutting-edge technology of EventX!

What did our client say

Hosting weekly webinars on EventX opens up a lot more opportunities for me to reach clients across the sea. What I love the most is the video quality - high definition, great smoothness and low latency. If I have to describe EventX team in 2 words - "Continuous innovation".

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Design Director | U&S studio

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