Effortless demonstration to your potential customers.

A Clear Product Display

EventX designed user-friendly catalog for your customers to search for their goods.
  • Products are shown in a simple gallery-style interface.
  • Individual products can be recognised by users at a glance.
  • Images and brand tags are identifiable.

Simple Virtual Product Display Navigation

EventX offers your buyers a time-saving shopping experience.

  • Easy locating a specific product in the virtual product display.
  • EventX universal search function with selecting filters.
  • Attendees can filter out the items on display.

Detailed Virtual Product Display Entries

EventX fosters a comprehensive product management for you.

  • Tailor product entries with as much detail as exhibitors would like.
  • Product details screen to upload multiple images of products and provide descriptions.
  • Incorporate multimedia elements such as videos.


EventX offers a wide range of event organizing service for you. From online to offline, you are all covered!

Hybrid events

Have an in-person event but want more exposure? Transform it into a hybrid event!


Wonder how EventX webinar tool helps you to achieve higher conversion rate?


With years of event organizing experience, EventX is probably your best choice for exhibitions.

In-person events

Create a mesmerizing in-person event for your guests!

What did our client say

We are really happy about the platform. The platform fulfils our expectation for organising the exhibition and bring the real feeling of expo for exhibitors and visitors. Besides, it is an easy-to-use platform which can help our exhibitors build-up booth and registration easily. Thank you very much for your team working hard to make us a successful exhibition.

Ryan Phan

Ryan Phan
Marketing Manager | Reed Tradex

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