As virtual events are becoming increasingly common, hiring events such as career fairs are increasingly being held virtually. In recent times, talent acquisition has been carried out online, with corporations and hiring managers starting to host virtual career fairs to recruit talents from top universities.

EventX’s virtual job fair platform is suitable for corporates, colleges, universities, and associations to host hiring events on the internet to find the top candidates.

Welcome job seekers with excellent career fair platform

  • Job search could be easy with a custom job filter
  • Enables the job seekers to save job postings to bookmarks
  • Welcome your audiences with local language and brand materials
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Match potential employers and job seekers together

  • Exchange virtual business cards or upload resume via chat box
  • Arrange immediate video interviews with in-booth video call features
  • Impress candidates with brand video, job descriptions and downloadable brochures

Inspire your audiences with engaging presentation

  • Host virtual training workshop for audience
  • Allow audiences to poll, raise hands, ask questions as usual
  • Show detailed agenda of event topic and speakers and timeline
Experience as an attendee Request a Demo
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Why should you choose EventX?

Free Webinar Platform

Up to 200 attendees

Easy-to-use Platform

No coding is needed

Modern design interface

Clear and simple user interface

Online support available

Local support 24/7

China-access available

Support stable web and security provider in China

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Career Fair Platforms

Why host a virtual career fair?

At a time when many things are going virtual, such as classes, seminars, and even work, many companies have realised that sticking to only traditional career fairs might not be the best move. Especially for remote jobs, virtual career fairs will be able to bring wider talent pools of potential employees from around the world, saving time for the job seekers, and giving the employers access to more talent.

How do virtual career fairs work?

Virtual career fairs give recruiters and candidates the opportunity to meet on a virtual platform through break out sessions, 1 on 1 meetings and more, depending on the platform on which the event is held. Candidates will be able to find out more about the available positions and recruiters may even conduct the job interview during the virtual career fair.

Is it worthwhile to host a virtual job fair?

Yes, especially in the foreseeable future. With safety and social distancing measures that are rapidly changing depending on the current circumstances, hosting traditional career fairs would be challenging.

Additionally, organizing virtual job fairs also costs less than organizing traditional career fairs as there is no physical event venue that needs to be booked.

Which is the best day to hold a virtual career fair?

Any day in the middle of the week is suitable for a virtual career fair. Hosting these fairs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays gives you the opportunity to send a reminder earlier in the week. It is best to avoid Mondays as you’ll have to send a reminder email before the weekend and your target audience may forget over the weekend.


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