Control the time to convert your leads instead of endlessly waiting and testing in digital marketing.

Higher conversion

Webinar marketing helps you engage your customers easier and boost the conversion rate.


Every attendee’s behavior is measurable so you can monitor the event results and improve your ROI.

Get leads automatically

Use the lead generation engine to get leads with a few clicks.

  • Tell us your niche, and we will generate a list of quality contacts for you
  • Focus on converting leads instead of finding them
  • Automatically outreach to the contacts via our email drip campaigns

Lower acquisition costs

Create events that can acquire thousands of leads and save millions of advertising costs.

  • Save venue and travel costs
  • Enjoy higher conversion rate through enhanced event engagement
  • Conduct post-event CRM journeys to convert leads into deals
  • Enable anyone to organize events on this all-in-one platform, no IT background is required

A new way for acquisitions

Running out of ideas to acquire new users? Try webinar marketing!

  • Auto-generate leads every month with live and pre-recorded webinars
  • Aquire new customers whilst maintain a loyal relationship with VIP clients
  • Create a micro-business-community using regular event marketing strategies
  • Adopt brand new strategies in the market with results proven by EventX

Create meaningful conversations

Are you always puzzled about how users think? Webinar marketing helps you shorten the lifecycle of testing and getting answers.

  • Build a community for your company to increase brand loyalty
  • Get instant feedback from your customers with polls and Q&As
  • Create personal bonds with your customers

Hybrid exhibitions with virtual booth

Create hybrid exhibitions, use less budget and generate more attendees and revenue with virtual booths.

Host events in China with promised network

EventX partners with a China network provider to ensure attendees in China can access events smoothly without a VPN.

Check-in VIP guests with QR codes

Manage your online and offline event check-in with the same app.

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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