Without requiring support from your technical team, you will be able to customize the event on your own, just a few clicks away.

Straightforward monthly subscription fee

Pay a monthly subscription fee to create as many events as you need. No hidden charges.

Easy Attendee Management

Provide you with automated communication tools to better manage attendees before, during, and after your events.

Highly engaging features

Empowered with advanced interactive tools to create engagement and make the audience feel connected to your events.


Easily create landing pages to invite guests and set up a ticketing gateway.

  • Enable ticketing integrated with Stripe
  • Build event landing pages easily, no coding required
  • Support automated event email communication
  • Customize each email by yourself easily


Create a seamless event experience for your guests with the latest webinar technologies and interactive tools.

  • Broadcast live events to the audience at 1080p HD video quality. No integration needed
  • Upload pre-recorded videos for the audience to watch 24/7
  • Create engagement through chats, polls, Q&As, and the latest audience networking solutions
  • Provide attendee networking rooms for people to meet each other and exchange business cards online


Generate an overview of your event attendance and content performance to help your clients further improve their upcoming events.

  • Prepare attendance report that shows audience attendance rate, which webinar they attended, and when do they leave
  • Are you ever curious about which session, page, booth, or file draws the most attention from your guests? You get to know all that via EventX
  • Download reports and share them with your client easily

Hybrid exhibitions with virtual booth

Create hybrid exhibitions, use less budget and generate more attendees and revenue with virtual booths.

Host events in China with promised network

EventX partners with a China network provider to ensure attendees in China can access events smoothly without a VPN.

Check-in VIP guests with QR codes

Manage your online and offline event check-in with the same app.

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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