Easy to use

Unlike other marketing strategies, webinar marketing is straightforward, with no jargon involved!

Tighter bonds

Create a personal bond with your customers without the boundaries of time and locations!


Compared to in-person events, the costs for webinars are so much lower!

Convert customers in a new way

Webinar marketing is proven by EventX to successfully generate leads from every session.

  • Host lives or on-demand webinars to acquire customers who are interested in your products
  • Use interactive tools to engage with your audience online and answer their questions instantly

Lower marketing costs

Are you splashing money on paid advertisements right now? Webinar marketing may be the way out!

  • Pay only if you exceed a certain number of attendees
  • Require no deposit
  • Avoid the hassles of logistic planning

Build a community for your business

Organizing regular events is a great way to build a community for your brand and engage closely with your customers.

  • Update customers about the latest company news regularly
  • Build a long-term relationship with customers through events
  • Provide a networking lounge for customers to connect with each other

Hybrid exhibitions with virtual booth

Create hybrid exhibitions, use less budget and generate more attendees and revenue with virtual booths.

Host events in China with promised network

EventX partners with a China network provider to ensure attendees in China can access events smoothly without a VPN.

Check-in VIP guests with QR codes

Manage your online and offline event check-in with the same app.

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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