3 Best Virtual Career Fairs in 2022

David Lang Jun 6, 2022

You would love to offer your warmest welcoming to newbies interested in your school. Virtual Career Fairs helps you connect with potential students, offers them course information, and provides professional advice on their academic planning. On traditional physical orientation days, people living overseas can hardly have real-life contact with students and professors, and virtual career rair eases the barriers of locations and time.


EventX is an Asian-based leading provider of event management software solutions. It has offered event marketing solutions to over 135 countries and organized over 10,000 events with 5 million attendees. It has collaborated with well-formed brands, respected event agencies and leading trade bodies in Asia, including Alibaba, Amazon, Cyberport, The Economist, HKTDC, HSBC, Reed and Swire. 

Notable features:

  • 1080p quality videos and photos
  • Virtual metaverse for banners and posters
  • Live admission talk
  • One-to-one or group programme consultation
  • Online Chat session
  • CV Submission


You can organize a live admission talk and explain any vital course details through EventX. Attendees can raise their hands to ask questions online when. They can even use poll functions to indicate their opinions on a topic honorable speakers mention. As EventX ensures users with a high-quality live streaming quality, the talk delivery will be smooth and stable.

Some students may be interested in having further understanding or discussion with speakers in a more private setting. In this case, they can use the break room or networking lounge in EventX. 

If you wish to decorate your virtual space with a more welcoming atmosphere, you can put posters, photos and videos from departments or faculties in the lobby and exhibition halls. Students can even purchase merchandise from your institution online directly to have the utmost memorable orientation day experience.




Campus Groups is an all-in-one campus experience management platform especially designed for various on campus events and aspire to create customizable solutions for their community. Due to COVID-19, physical campus events have been moved to online, ranging from lectures to student community engagement functions. This platform target events evolving around students, staff, alumni and community partners & collaborations with universities. This reputable platform is more internationalized, already adopted by over 200+ leading institutions including Stanford and Princeton University as their campus community platform. 


Notable features:

  • Student Engagement, Retention & Success
  • Student Organizations Management 
  • Campus Calendaring & Events Management
  • Campus Portal & Mobile App
  • Campus Management & Operations 
  • Alumni Engagement 
  • Career Management 

This is suitable for an institution looking for a one stop shop solution for campus management. Not only you can use it as a tool for event organization, you can also adopt it in any day to day interaction between school and students, including lecture attendance tracking and multi-parties management. You can consolidate all events happening in a student’s lifecycle, ranging from orientation, subject choosing conference, career sharing to alumni reengagement. Treat it as a all rounded platform that’s beneficial for school operations as a whole rather than focus on event management. The event focus features, like virtual booth may not be well equipped in this software since they’re broadly focused on community engagement. 



Fairs offers a broad range of event solutions which enable organizations to take their event online. Virtual Open Day allows you to showcase your campus, programs and faculty to prospective students from all over the globe with one site on hand. You will be able to invite students to get a taste of campus life, attend live talks, get taster lectures and network with academics in an virtual space which can stay live for all year long, eliminating the need of having real person to guide and talk on off season days. It has already been experienced by multiple famous universities, including Newcastle, Queen Margeret, and Calgary University. 


Notable features:

  • Immerse your audience with 3D designs lobby, exhibition halls and auditoriums 
  • Create branded exhibition booths for various university departments 
  • Customizing your platform with animated characters
  • Model your virtual campus for visiting tour 
  • Offer assistance at information centre


vFairs are able to offer comprehensive & informative solutions for orientation day with its diverse features. If your orientation is webinar and information based, you may consider taking this. Live chats are available here for instant Q&A sessions between students reps & visitors; a more in-depth academic path consultation can also be scheduled on the platform. You will also be able to observe interaction data post events to evaluate which sessions do well and which do not, which department is more popular or not. This is beneficial for future event cultivation in which you can mobilize more resources on that session. Information-wise, you can upload all resources into one database for parents & prospective students to download anytime, without the fear of missing any info even after the event.


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