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Free event management solutions for event hosts

Most app functions are included in the free plan. It enables you to digitalize every process, and keep track of the performance.

Event Reporting

Dashboard showing leads that break down by each team member or sales rep collected in particular event.


Contact Synchronisation

Simple and easy lead retrieval allows seamless integration with your sales & marketing database.


Data Protection

Our platform is built for ultra-safe and secure performances. Protecting your data is our obsession.



EventX offers a wide range of event organizing service for you. From online to offline, you are all covered!

Hybrid events

Have an in-person event but want more exposure? Transform it into a hybrid event!


Wonder how EventX webinar tool helps you to achieve higher conversion rate?


With years of event organizing experience, EventX is probably your best choice for exhibitions.

In-person events

Create a mesmerizing in-person event for your guests!

What did our client say

Hosting weekly webinars on EventX opens up a lot more opportunities for me to reach clients across the sea. What I love the most is the video quality - high definition, great smoothness and low latency. If I have to describe EventX team in 2 words - "Continuous innovation".

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Owen (Uncle)
Design Director | U&S studio

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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