The Future of the Workplace is Virtual.

The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on how much potential remote work and distance learning can bring if implemented correctly. From raising productivity to reducing overall operation costs, giving professionals, students, and teachers the right platform for their day-to-day activities enables them to get work done effectively and efficiently.

Experience these benefits and continue to collaborate, cooperate, and influence change all from the convenience of the EventX virtual hosting platform.

Reach Your Target Audiences with Virtual Event Hosting

As online technology continues to tear down the world’s boundaries, more and more opportunities to reach wider audiences are becoming available for the corporate, enterprise, and educational industries. Below are only some of the benefits these industries can experience by utilizing the EventX virtual event hosting software.

Reach Your Target Audiences with Virtual Event Hosting

Communicate with a Global Market

Expand your base of investors and customers to beyond your local scene. With our business virtual event platform, you can tap into new connections and clients by showcasing what you have to offer. Utilize our virtual exhibit setup to showcase products and solutions or conduct a webinar to raise awareness about your business and its innovations!

Communicate with a Global Market

Provide Quality Education to a Global Village

Market your educational institution as one that is globally competitive and fit for international instruction. By using our virtual meeting platform for class, you can provide remote learning to learnings from all over the world. Enrich their classroom experience with our live stream and breakout room features to increase collaboration and critical thinking!

Provide Quality Education to a Global Village

Meet Others in the Industry

Whether you are a corporate entity looking to expand its connections, or you are a booming enterprise looking to meet your counterparts in a summit, it always pays to enrich your knowledge by interacting with others in the field. Our corporate virtual conference platform gives you an opportunity to hold value-adding programs with a potential to generate revenue from keynote speakers and sponsors. Take this one step further with our lead capture technology, so you can follow up on marketing efforts with your event attendees.

Meet Others in the Industry

Tighter Cybersecurity

With hacking and malware being so commonplace, cybersecurity should be a top priority in any digital event. While our lead generation and lead capture features do take note of business contact information, the EventX hosting platform has built-in security measures that protect the digital data of both organizers and attendees. Keep data safe from invasion at any virtual event you hold.

Tighter Cybersecurity

Make the Most of the EventX Hosting Platform in Your Industry

By investing in an EventX hosting platform for your workplace, you can experience top notch platforms and services. Here’s how these industries can apply EventX to address their unique needs per field.


Hosting both internal and external events is a common practice for corporate entities. Whether you are just starting out as a start-up or you are looking to expand their connections with new investors and clientele, EventX can help companies launch exhibitions of their latest products, webinars that teach valuable skills and mindsets, and many more. All of these can boost corporate credibility and exposure for potential partners and hires.


Known as big players in whatever field they move in, companies at the enterprise-level frequently host worldwide and regional summits to meet their counterparts from all over the globe. From professionals of the same department to top-level execs, these summits are easier, and more economical to hold by using the EventX webinar and hybrid event platforms.


The future of education lies in virtual learning. Give your educational institution a chance to raise awareness and gain more students by using the EventX webinar platform for open houses and orientations, as well as the virtual exhibition platform for a more in-depth look into specific programs and specializations. From enrollment to classroom instruction, we have a full roster of tools available at your disposal for academic pursuits.

Enrich Your Industry with Our Products

Virtual activations go beyond setting up a room. Below are some of the EventX products that you can utilize for your event organization and industry operations.

Virtual Event

Spearheading marketing efforts for your business or enterprise with an exciting online event? Or perhaps you wish to host an internal teambuilding project? Whatever you need it for, the virtual event capabilities of EventX are immersive and easy to use for any attendee or organizer.


Create a learning opportunity for fellow professionals in corporate or enterprise entities. Whether you use your webinar to raise workplace awareness for investors and hires, or you use it to impart valuable industry knowledge, the EventX webinars are equipped with tools for Q&A, live streaming, and many more.

Hybrid Events

Host both live and digital guests for milestone occasions, important meetings, and open houses. Give attendees a chance to choose their preferred mode of participation and entertain both offline and online registrants seamlessly by using our hybrid event platform.


Host a virtual education fair with our exhibition platform to showcases your educational institution’s best programs, facilities, and unique opportunities. Business entities can also utilize our virtual exhibit platform to put up virtual exhibit booths that hold their latest products and designs.


Holding a training for the workplace? Or hosting a masterclass on a specific field? Whether educational or corporate, virtual classes are easy to organize by utilizing the tools that EventX has to offer. Give students a chance to collaborate and implement their learnings through breakout rooms or host a Q&A session for easier mastery of a lesson.

What did our client say

We are really happy about the platform. The platform fulfils our expectation for organising the exhibition and bring the real feeling of expo for exhibitors and visitors. Besides, it is an easy-to-use platform which can help our exhibitors build-up booth and registration easily. Thank you very much for your team working hard to make us a successful exhibition.

Ryan Phan

Ryan Phan
Marketing Manager | Reed Tradex

The All-in-One Solution for Your Virtual Events

From education, corporate, and enterprise--- whichever industry you belong to, EventX prides itself in being the catch-all virtual hosting platform software. Our program is built to add tools to your arsenal, so you can enrich and conduct engaging virtual events from the convenience of a single device.

Invest in EventX as your virtual event platform of choice or explore the EventX demo to see the promise that our program can offer you and your industry. Reach a global audience and amp up online events with a program armed with every tool your industry could need.

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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