8 Must-Read Benefits Of Hosting In-Person Events

Eric Tsang Mar 14, 2023

In-person events are gatherings or meetings where people come together in the same physical location. These can be events like sports games, conferences, corporate parties, or any other social gathering where people interact face-to-face.

In-person events can be a lot of fun because they allow you to connect with other people more personally. You can feel the energy in the room and share experiences that can create lasting memories.

However, there are times when an in-person event is not feasible, such as when most participants cannot meet physically. This is when alternatives such as virtual and hybrid events come into play. Let us discuss the benefits of in-person events and the other options you can have as a plan B.

Types Of In-person Events

It's important to identify the common types of in-person events before proceeding, as it is essential in determining which gives you the most benefit for your organisation. Finding which kind of event to host will also help you create a mental image of what to expect at your event.

Conferences And Seminars

Conferences and seminars bring people from the same industry of similar interests and create a venue to discuss relevant topics and share knowledge. These types of in-person events have a keynote speaker who talks about a specific topic and panel discussions to exchange ideas with each other.

Trade Shows And Exhibitions

A business can showcase products or services in trade shows and exhibitions. Since most trade shows are in huge locations, they attract large crowds, increasing the chances of reaching potential customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Product Launches

Product launches aim to increase consumer awareness of a product. These events usually feature live demonstrations, product showcases, and Q&A sessions to educate people about a specific product better. Inviting influential people such as bloggers, investors, and media is usually a good idea to help spread the word about your products.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are hosted for employees, customers, or stakeholders. These events range from holiday parties, team-building events or recognition ceremonies. The entire event helps strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders by providing an opportunity to show appreciation and give recognition.

Benefits Of In-Person Events

1. It Creates An Avenue For Networking

In-person events provide an opportunity for businesses to network with potential customers, clients, and partners. These events allow business representatives to interact face-to-face, build relationships, and establish trust with others in their industry. There is a certain trust factor that you can provide if your brand or company is more tangible than just being visible through an online platform.

2. Improves Skill Sets

In-person events provide an immersive experience that gives attendees more hands-on learning. Workshops, training sessions, and Q&A portions enhance learning by creating an environment that connects communities of like-minded people, all sharing their skills and knowledge.

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3. Better Engagement Over Online Events

Face-to-face interactions provide a stronger emotional connection for people involved in the event. Compared to virtual events, it's easy to feel disconnected when facing a screen as you only see part of the person. You won't see body language, facial expressions, or non-verbal cues in a virtual setting.

4. It Helps Brand Awareness

In-person events can help increase brand awareness by showcasing products or services to a broader audience in an actual event. An in-person event helps put a business on the map as it helps inform the general public on what services or products to expect from the brand.

5. Market Research

An in-person event can provide market research you won't see through online surveys. You can gauge attendees' reactions to products or services to understand their preferences, trends, and opportunities. The information you get from the event is best processed with the help of event marketers. They can process valuable data you will need on your marketing and sales campaigns to measure your event’s ROI and improve it for future events.

Potential Challenges To An In-Person Event

6. Limited Reach

Since an in-person event requires people to be at a physical location, it can limit the types of people attending it. This can be an advantage because you can also use this opportunity to focus on building relationships with the type of audience who made an effort to attend the event.

7. Cost

An in-person event can be costly, depending on how the event planners or marketers set up your event. However, this is usually seen as an investment to increase brand awareness, widen the network of contacts, and create new business opportunities.

8. Environmental Impact

Since many people are gathered at a single location, there will surely be waste through catering. This won't be much of a problem if your event planners are experienced in handling live events.

Simple Alternatives

Virtual Events

Virtual events are online events conducted using video conferencing, live streaming, and other digital platforms. They have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience and accessibility they offer, especially in situations where in-person events are not possible or practical. Streaming technology improvements also contributed to reducing video stuttering during a virtual event.

Webinars are one of the most popular forms of virtual events, where a presenter speaks on a particular topic to a live audience. Since the presentation is on their computer, it's easier to ensure everybody can see what they're presenting.

Virtual events also have a wider reach, as all attendees need only access to a link. It's also easier to track attendance as you can see the number of participants on the streaming platform.

The downside to a virtual platform is that it's easier to feel detached when you can open a different browser tab and do something else. Offline events offer more tangibility over virtual platforms where you are within arms reach of people you want to interact with. However, these downsides will depend on whether you have help from a virtual event planner.

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Hybrid Events

You can have the best of both worlds by creating a hybrid event. You can get the reach of an online event while also having the trust factor of an in-person event.

Because some people have different habits and attitudes towards in-person meetings, some have adapted to hybrid events. A great example of this is Singapore's 2020 National Day Parade, where there was a physical parade, while viewers could watch the parade at home.

Event planners could even improve the experience by making it interactive, where people at the actual event can see people who are viewing the event online.

Conclusions About In-Person Events

In-person events are crucial for businesses, whether new or established. They help strengthen brand recognition, and create new opportunities that other formats can't achieve. In-person events also help acknowledge and recognise talents within the organisation or company by giving awards or helping improve skill sets.

Planning is not easy, and sometimes you need help from providers who have specialised in organising in-person events to take the load off your shoulders. Try a demo of our event management software now! We can customise in-person events to create an extraordinary experience for your attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Person Events

What Is The Advantage Of An In-Person Event?

In-person events offer a unique experience for attendees. It allows salespeople to create connections and even help deals get pushed through.

How To Make An In-Person Event More Successful?

To make an in-person event more successful, consider factors such as clear communication, engaging content, adequate promotion, and post-event follow-up. Additionally, ensure that the event is well-organized and creates a positive experience for attendees.

What Is The Most Important Factor For An In-Person Event?

The most important factor for an in-person event is creating a positive experience for attendees. This involves factors such as engaging content, clear communication, adequate facilities, and a well-organized event that runs smoothly from start to finish.

How To Encourage People To Attend An In-Person Event?

You can offer early bird pricing if you have tickets to your in-person event. You can also invite a high-profile speaker if you're hosting a seminar to attract more people.


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