What is a hybrid event? Key benefits and hosting guide

Hazel Siu Jan 5, 2022

The term "hybrid" is being heard a lot lately. But, if we try to understand it in the context of events, what does it truly mean, and what makes it so different? Its definition is straightforward: A hybrid event combines in-person and digital aspects to provide the best possible experience for each audience.

Fortunately, advanced technology has made it easier to design an event that is just as remarkable and engaging online as in person, with so much ease. Good software can not only do effective lead generation but also enable instant feedback.

However, the reality is a little complicated. To build a hybrid event that can help your company achieve its objectives, you must first understand what a hybrid event is, what it can do for you, and most crucially, how to create one!

What is a hybrid event?


A physical event that both online and live audiences can attend and participate in is defining a hybrid event. In essence, online and physical audiences simultaneously attend the same event and engage in the same experience or material from separate locations.

In simple words, hybrid events combine live and virtual events.

You add a digital aspect to your live event where a live audience is also present. The rest goes just like any other event would contain material, discussion, and more so that your audience joins and engages with your live or hybrid event despite their geographical locations.

Interactive program:

Participants in a hybrid event are seated next to their computers. As a result, it is better to consider how your internet audience will participate in the discussion. You can decide on any format such as through chat, quiz, or poll.

Limited time:


A successful hybrid event broadcast takes a good two hours (attention span of the online audience) to focus the energy. This event should have as many people attending online as possible and a live audience.

A clear theme:

Attracting many viewers is simple if you have an exciting and engaging topic. You can pick a precise topic and design your content around it. It should ideally be the topic that most appeal to your target audience.

Benefits of hosting a hybrid event

One most prominent goals of every event are to achieve maximum attendee involvement. Your purpose should be to create a safe environment where people can learn new things and connect in the ways they wish.

Since your hybrid event lets attendees take part in your event from any location and on any device, this adaptability provides your audience with many opportunities to interact and connect right away, helping you reach your goal.

Besides that, there are other benefits to conducting a hybrid event. Below are a few that pays off the best!

Increased attendance and reach:


Giving your audience the flexibility of choosing between live or online events gives them a sense of involvement and inspires them to participate. The trick is to offer adaptability. Others who are at ease with the live event can join on-site, while those who cannot travel to the venue or want to participate from their homes can do so digitally.

Due to scheduling problems, or money constraints, not everyone can attend the event live. In such circumstances, your audience can still be present at the event, ensuring that they do not miss out on the experience entirely. As a result, it assists you in community building.

More opportunities to engage with the audience:


Networking is not restricted to in-person networking at hybrid events. You can have people coming in from all over the world; thus, making your event international. The only prerequisite for a live stream is a piece of sound, and audiovisual equipment. Your online attendees can join the ongoing discussion session, participate in the Question and Answers, and vote on polls to stay engaged with presentations.

How to create a hybrid event?


Hybrid events provide a wide range of benefits for event planners and marketers, and they have come to stay for sure.

When planning a hybrid event, the foremost question you should answer is: how can this event help me reach my goals? To do so, plan out your event marketing, keeping in mind both: the audience you want to achieve and your goals.

A typical hybrid event online broadcast revolves around the following elements that you must pay the most attention to:

Step 1. Prepare a preview:

A preview lays the foundation for the context and the topic under discussion. This is an excellent way to announce essential speakers who will lead the event. Alternatively, highlight portions of events that occurred at different times, such as snapshots of other sessions, interviews, etc.

Step 2. Select a moderator

There must be a moderator to convey questions from online participants to the event speaker. If a live recording of a presentation or seminar is held, with the possibility of online questioning, the online moderator can collect these questions and be directed to the speaker leading the event.

Step 3. A concluding session:

An exclusive Question/Answer session with the keynote speaker can be a significant drawcard, especially for your online audience. If not the Q&A session, you can address a summary of the whole discussion. Moreover, you can also ask for instant feedback using suitable software.

Step 4. Choose the right platform for conduction:

EventX is a well-known virtual video conferencing platform known for its simple functioning. It is excellent for hosting hybrid events because of its easy-to-understand interface and many other capabilities like lead generation.

It is the ultimate solution for all event management tasks for both organizers and attendees. It has served over 135 countries and conducted almost 10,000 events attended by over 5 million people. Top companies and significant trade associations have chosen to adopt this all-in-one platform.

Another reason why we recommend EventX is its various features for community building. Even the participants joining for the first time on an EventX event can understand it.


The hybrid event broadcast is ideal for watching events with others, which further surges participation. It is also a remarkable way to interact with people on a good level of connection. However, picking the wrong platform will sabotage your entire experience. Make the wise decision and go with EventX. What you will get are fantastic features exclusively for you.

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