Best Platforms for Virtual Job Fairs Reviews & Comparison in 2022

Rosy Chen Dec 6, 2021
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Recruitment season is just around the corner! Because of the pandemic, virtual and hybrid events have become a trend, especially regarding recruitment and job fairs. Whether you are an HR manager or event manager and looking for virtual fair events to attract top talents in the globe, EventX has compiled a comprehensive guide to virtual job fairs and what to note before hosting one!

What is a job fair?

A job fair is similar to a regular job fair, but the venue switches from physical to online. Organizers and participants make use of virtual event platforms and set up virtual booths to attract interested candidates. Job seekers could also do on-spot interviews during a virtual job fair as well!

Unlike a regular job fair, a virtual job fair happens online, enabling job seekers to connect with potential employers more efficiently without any location constraints. They can meet and connect online no matter where they are, leading to more opportunities for candidates and employers.

Preparing a virtual job fair could take a lot of hard work. We’ve outlined the top 5 tips for you:

  • How many companies are participating?
  • How many people are expected to join the event?
  • Are on-spot interviews required? (Which might need multiple breakout room features)
  • Is a virtual booth required?
  • Will you be hosting an in-person job fair at the same time?

With these details in mind, you can then pick out the right virtual event platform and start planning your virtual job fair.

Reviews & Comparison on Platforms for Virtual job Fairs

Virtual Event Platform #1: EventX

EventX might not be as famous as Zoom and Google Meet. In fact, its former brand, Eventxtra, has years of experience in event management, and it’s known as one of the pioneers of virtual event management. The best thing about EventX is they offer various solutions to event management, including in-person, hybrid, and online events.

EventX also offers a one-stop online event management system, from a signup page to a virtual lobby and virtual meeting room. The setup for virtual events on EventX is almost the same as an in-person event. When you participate in a virtual event hosted on EventX, you only need to access the internet and you don’t have to download any software, which is convenient and efficient for participants. EventX also supports globally, including the Greater China region, so your event is reachable to everyone in the world without a VPN.

Virtual Event Platform #2: Zoom

Zoom has been seen as one of the most popular video conference tools in recent years. It has gradually developed from a single online meeting software to a one-stop online event platform. Recently, Zoom also launched Zoom event features, where you can set up various events on Zoom. Yet, the biggest pitfall would be there is no VR function on Zoom at the moment. You can only utilize usual video functions to set up your events and cannot customize the setup of the virtual events. This would make the virtual events less interactive. On the bright side, Zoom is a huge influx of users so everyone is familiar with the software.

Virtual Event Platform #3: iStaging

iStaging focuses on virtual exhibitions. Compared with other platforms, their services are relatively simple, but that also means their specialized features are maturely developed. From their online demo, their VR technology is mature and comprehensive. iStaging offers 30 days free trial and you can try it out before deciding whether to subscribe to their service. Unfortunately, with a relatively simple webpage design, it would be difficult to navigate its features and the actual outcome. The conference functions of iStaging are still relatively minimal and do not come with features like individual meeting rooms. iStaging also limits the number of participants to 2,000. If you’re hosting a bigger event, iStaging might not be the right option for you.





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Before hosting events, don’t forget to list out what you need for your event so you can pick out the best virtual event platform based on your budget. Learn more about how to host an event with our Ultimate Guide to Event Management!


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