“We empathize.” - Eirene, Product Manager

EventX May 24, 2022

Eie18:30am: Usually the alarm goes off at 8:30am and I have to roll out of bed before 9:30am. During my commute, I love reading on Medium or Kindle. I am a fan of Andrew Chen, Julie Zhuo, UX Collective and UX Planet cause I want to be a better product manager on growth and UX. But if I find my mind chaotic, I’d focus on my breaths by picking some meditation ones. It works for me!

DSC00589_29:50am: I arrive a little earlier to make myself a bowl of yogurt. It’s always the best way to beat the morning blues.

DSC00571_210:30am: Daily standup for the Product and Engineering Team to wrap up the current feature status and sync up on the latest product direction with one another. Since our team is responsible for the product management and maintenance, we often share insights from different stakeholders and get fully acknowledged on various parts of the product as a whole.

DSC00335_211:00am: Then it’s time to get to work! I have a meeting with Angus, the COO, to discuss company growth stats. I love expressing my thoughts and ideas freely about business or product development - morning reading time helps me a lot during this brainstorming session!

DSC00286_211:30am: I‘m back to my seat to clear up my daily tasks and prioritize tasks of the day. At my desk I reply to unread Slack messages about the product, updating spreadsheets and joining discussions with teammates about features I’m working on.

DSC00601_21:30pm: Time for lunch and I bring my own lunch. I usually take my lunch back to my office but I still go out with colleagues and have a chat with them. Never miss a chance to enjoy some fresh air! We end up watching online shows together and laughing at the plots. They’ve always been like family to me :)

DSC00277_22:00pm: After lunch, I usually check the metrics on Mixpanel and Metabase (again). There are 3 segments on the conversion funnel: signed_up -> event_created -> event_published. My primary focus is on boosting event_published rate. I also look after the overall and organic conversion rates so as to brainstorm more product tweaks. For most of the time, I listen to some lo-fi jazz and running water music to help me stay focused while working. (The running water sound reminds me of the time when I was playing water sports! Aww I miss that!)

DSC00307_25:30pm: In the late afternoon, I use Hotjar to learn more about users who face hiccups on the product, and then update the cards, their scope and priority on the Trello board for work allocation - right after I start to handle the ad-hoc enquiries for the Sales and Marketing team. I’m always satisfied seeing the to-do list is full of checked boxes.

7:00pm: After a busy day of work, it’s time to call it a day. I leave with teammates, discussing weekend activities and lifestyle hacks with excitement on our way home.

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