"We thrive for hypergrowth." - Ken, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

EventX May 24, 2022

DSC00443_28:30am: I always start the morning early and right. During my commute to work, I read books on the bus. What I’m reading right now is The Lean Startup. I like how the concept of MVP was explained to justify marketing resources on learning new insights, which is considered Unorthodox in marketing.

DSC00420_210:00am: I come into the office and turn the computer on to check emails and my calendar. I have to take a quick look at the newly acquired lead. Since we have an aggressive goal this year, I need to flag it up for any important signs. One of the OKRs is to generate more qualified sales opportunities for the sales team. I also check whether there are any strategic partnership enquiries. Leveraging partners and tech to achieve win-win is our mindset for hypergrowth.

DSC0034710:30am: I usually have a one-on-two daily standup meeting with the management about latest updates, OKR review and leadership communication. This meeting aims to align the expectation and goals with the management.

DSC00449_210:45am: After I have checked on the task progress and adjusted priority on Monday.com, I then dedicate time for the upcoming whitepaper plan and email automation. This job gives me a lot of opportunities to decide the content, set triggers and run experiments as I’m going along.

DSC00459_211:30am: Head out to our social content creator to discuss what B2B content to post for this week. I need to craft content angles that hit our target customer persona. I want to apply the 'feature-advantage-benefit' (FAB) rule this time. It’s a model for business to understand why customers pay for their product.

12:30am: The best time for a foodie like me is lunchtime. I can always spot hidden gems in Lai Chi Kok. Let’s take the team to explore something new this time. Allow me to introduce - House of Joy in Jao Tsung-I Academy #french #yummm.

DSC00841_22:00pm: Work with our marketing associate to put together pitch kits, make a product demo website and conduct market research. Coaching is one of my favorite parts of the job. I can see teammates mastering web analytics, which makes me very happy to see my effort in coa them is worthwhile.

DSC00714_23:00pm: E-gathering with our content leads in Korea, Taiwan and Canada. We discuss and review web and social media content localization. Have to keep in mind that not only language localization but also local insight is important. Context matters.

DSC00694_2DSC00701_24:00pm: Meet with the Marketing Team. A webinar sharing about the metaverse is in the oven. Our team will collaborate on the marketing promotion and during event interaction.

5:30pm: Dogfood our SaaS platform before we roll it out to the public. We gather user insight internally and then share it with the Product Team for further enhancement.

ken6:00pm: It’s Friday finally. We kick-start the weekend by grabbing a post-work drink at the pantry. Plenty of alcohol to choose from. I also take the opportunity to ask how they feel about this week. A causal catch-up means a lot to me as I know how I can improve my allocation of work.

6:45pm: At the end of the day, I listen to podcasts while heading back home. Chris Walker and Shiv Narayanan are my recent favorites. Also, I have evaluated today's performance along the way. This is always a good practice for me as it allows me to improve every day.

“We empathize.” - Eirene, Product Manager

“We connect people.” - Kathy, Regional Manager, Communications

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