“We connect people.” - Kathy, Regional Manager, Communications

EventX May 24, 2022

8:15am: I wake up, settle my kid, get dressed and ready for work. I go to work by railway and usually scroll through StartUpBeat, TechCrunch, Business Next, Campaign Asia as well as Marketing Interactive. These news sites keep me informed of everything new on the earth. And I can earn inspiration from there as well.

DSC00538_210:00am: Arrive at the office. After a quick daily standup with the team, I brief our CEO and founder, Sum, to get him prepared for a media interview scheduled at 10:30am. He will be sharing more about his vision for the next 2 years. It’s good to see Sum introducing what we are doing as I believe this is how the event industry should evolve into and letting more people know about it.

DSC00821_210:45am: I have a media interview with another co-founder, Angus. That’s a good opportunity for me to have a nice chat with him. Even though I understand Angus well, I still gain lots of insights from him through the interview.

DSC00648_211:30am: Time to meet with the Sales Team to discuss which clients to be featured in the upcoming interview and webinar. Every connection can be a good leverage to make us heard by more. We’ll have a webinar on influencer marketing soon and that’ll be a golden opportunity to generate leads, so we will work on it during the meeting.

20220425-kathyspost-imageDSC00665-212:15pm: Buy lunch at the local deli, head back to the office pantry and eat together with other teams. Sometimes it is a great chance for us to communicate across teams, not only about work, but more casual and lifestyle topics.

1:30pm: The press release for investor relations needs an update. I’ll talk about it with my colleagues in today’s sync up meeting. We are now penetrating into more Asian markets. Local insights are important. Let me check it out with colleagues in Singapore. Virtual meeting tools saved us a lot of time and we can collaborate without time and location limitations.

DSC08959_PS2:30pm: A webinar will start in 30 minutes. Leaders will share about “Tech and the metaverse trends for events”. First thing first - a final check-up with the videographer. I will monitor the process and coordinate different colleagues to ensure a smooth live streaming.

Screenshot (622)3:00pm: The webinar is hosted on our virtual event SaaS platform. It starts with leaders’ sharing on the trends. Participants can feel free to ask anything in the virtual chat room. One of my tasks is to encourage and moderate questions from the floor. People are enthusiastic about the metaverse topics. They are raising enquiries on our platform’s features as well. Maybe this could be our topic to be discussed on social media.

4:30pm: The sharing sessions end BUT this is not the end. Magical moments happen when people connect. We have a virtual networking lounge on the platform to make this happen. And I believe this will happen soon on the metaverse, letting everyone connect and create more values.

DSC00681_25:15pm: The webinar has come to an end. Do a quick review with our team. Some participants have new suggestions on our platform features. I’ll consolidate these together with the post-event survey result and share with both the Product Team and Marketing Team for enhancement on features and promotion. This is crucial for improving our webinar and avoiding detachment with the audiences.

6:30pm: Time to go home. Let’s replenish some snacks for the kid, and for me of course. Being a working mum is sometimes not that hard when you have good company cultures and teams to support you.

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