Audience is immersed in your wonderful talk show.

Generate suitable audience for you

EventX widens your audience base without much effort.

  • Tell us your niche, and we will automatically generate a list of relevant contacts for you.
  • Send out information about the talk show with the automated email drip campaign.
  • Understand your audience prior the talk show to enhance the quality of the talk show content.

Stunning video and audio quality

EventX knows that high-quality streaming and instant reaction are important elements for an online good show!

  • 1080P, instead of 720P, streaming in every single event.
  • Highly stable network connection.


Interact with audience instantly

EventX keeps a close connection between you and your audience on our platform.

  • Audience access to your welcoming speech in the lobby.
  • Fruitful communication with the audience through the use of polls, chats, and Q&A.
  • Understand audiences' thoughts and provide responses.

Practical post-talk-show data

EventX assists you in reviewing attendee’s feedback with an after-event survey.

  • Generate the attendee reports with all-rounded graphs and charts.
  • Gather qualitative data and in-depth insights of the target audience for evaluation.



EventX offers a wide range of event organizing service for you. From online to offline, you are all covered!

Hybrid events

Have an in-person event but want more exposure? Transform it into a hybrid event!


Wonder how EventX webinar tool helps you to achieve higher conversion rate?


With years of event organizing experience, EventX is probably your best choice for exhibitions.

In-person events

Create a mesmerizing in-person event for your guests!

What did our client say

Hosting weekly webinars on EventX opens up a lot more opportunities for me to reach clients across the sea. What I love the most is the video quality - high definition, great smoothness and low latency. If I have to describe EventX team in 2 words - "Continuous innovation".

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Owen (Uncle)
Design Director | U&S studio

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