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Virtual Event MasterClass: Best Strategy to Escalate Lead Generation.

Explore unlimited business Opportunities with EventX's “Virtual Event Best Practices Series”. To learn about the potential sales and marketing lead generation strategies on virtual events, we will walk you through the best virtual event tactics for 2022 that will drive 100% more leads, converting them into business revenue.




Explore new realm of engagement marketing with customer success stories, inspirations from industry leaders, and our monthly Webinar Best Practices Series. Experience the webinar magic now - secure your spot below for any and all.

1. Increasing ROI through programmatic advertising in Asia

By the end of 2021, 88% of all digital display marketing in the US is projected to be done via programmatic advertising. Marketers need to have the right strategy to master the diversified ad formats and data signals to drive engagements and increase the ROI in the next generation of digital advertising.

This webinar will explore how to maximise programmatic ad spending for revenue growth and avoid a budget squeeze.


2. Asia Influencer Marketing Trend in 2022

Pandemic aside, the actual space that the influencers and creators are playing in has evolved and grown so much that we had to broaden our focus for the trend in the creator economy in Asia that will make a lasting impact on this space, and what brands and marketers can do about it. Our speakers will also share with you the trend best resources to drive ROI and maximise the influencer marketing efforts.


3. How To Get Dress Up Right For Video Call

Video conferencing has become a new normal to replace in-person business meetings, and it’s likely here to stay. While we may be working from home, first impressions still matter. Ever stared back at yourself on your screen wondering, “Is this outfit going to help me achieve my goals on the call”? Join us for the webinar to get some tips to complete your perfect and professional video call look.