Build interactive virtual conferences and attract global audiences

EventX 's virtual conference platform is more than just a webinar tool. EventX enriches attendees experience online with many advanced features. The conference software provides engaging and interactive experiences to global attendees just like an offline conference.


"The EventX virtual event platform helps us create a wonderful virtual event experience and generate leads from all over the world."

Online Networking, Made Easy

  • Allow audiences to exchange ideas via chat, Q&A and poll inside the webinar
  • Let the audience enrich the personal profile
  • Set up and host your webinar with ease

Track Conference Performance Online

  • Consolidate attendee data, their event activity and post-event survey
  • Instantly track attendees before, during and after event, record their activities
  • A comprehensive report will also be automatically generated after the event


Why you should choose EventX?

Free Webinar Platform

Up to 200 attendees

Easy-to-use Platform

No coding is need

Modern design interface

Clear and simple user interface

Online support available

Local support 24/7

China-access available

Support stable web and security provider in China

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