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Virtual Event That Attendees Will Love

How to make a virtual event that attendee will love?

Both in-person events and virtual events have the same objective, which is to promote your company, drive leads, adoption and establish image, and get revenue in return. Both type of events contain their own advantages. For a virtual event, it allows attendees to break the geographical constraints and to have communication. But it is not an easy task to make a successful virtual event, especially to ensure attendees are engaged during the whole event or conference. Therefore, we suggest 4 recommendations to help all of you.

Determine if your event is suited for an online audience

Different events may suit for different audience. What works in-person in the real world may not be the same in the virtual. We should consider the event type and also whether a quality experience can be provided.

For instance, live forum and live performance show are good for digital experience since it also allows online guests to join the event and have interactions. But some building workshops need attendees to physically feel the materials. The physical contact is important and which cannot be replaced by nowadays technology.

The most crucial part is to ensure the engagement of attendees. By encouraging guests to engage in the comments and chat section you provide a space for people to interact, share their thoughts, and discuss the event in real time. 

Choose the right technology

Suitable technology and virtual platform is vitally crucial. An appropriate platform provides better experience to users. Therefore, you will need to decide which is the most appropriate platform. For example, you may use Youtube or Facebook to host an event. But every platform also has their drawbacks. Interactivity and stability are also criteria to consider. Therefore, we. EventX, provide a full service for you. We provide suggestions for the right technology for your specific event.

If you’re looking for a registration and ticketing experience, you’ll need an advanced ticketing platform that will allow you to create a pricing strategy and offer multiple ticket types. Modern ticketing and registration platforms like EventX will make promoting your online event effortless.

Double check technical equipment

Technology and technical equipment is pivotal to a virtual event. Since it is the platform for holding an event, double check of the equipment is a must. Using a good quality camera and headset directly increase quality of your event. Meanwhile, video and audio testings are essential. Make sure your camera and microphone quality are sharp and clear. The wifi and internet connections are also bases of a virtual event. Problem caused will lower the quality of event. 

Management from in-person to virtual

Logistical things are also needed to manage. Sometimes it is also important for some specific events. Some event set up are also required for example a green background is effective as a background.

Now that you know how to host an online event that will rival your in person experience and wow your attendees, take a look at some of the logistical things you’ll need to manage when making the change.


With these tips and your ability to adapt, you can offer live attendees an experience worth paying for. 

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