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5 Tricks to Make a Perfect Online Event Registration Form

How to create an online registration form? What elements should be included in a sign up form? It is a complete guide with online resources for all event organisers.

With the advancement of technology, registration no more requires any paperwork. Online registration form is the first sight of participants who get in touch with your event. This article is going to teach you 5 tricks to create a perfect online event registration form to impress your registrants!

What is Your Online Registration Form for?

  • Primarily, of course, it is for registrants to sign up for your event
  • It is an external image reflecting on your tech-savvy event brand
  • Throughout the whole registration process, it acts as a data-collection tool for you to plan your event and manage attendees in advance
  • If your event is a paid event, you can add ticketing in the event registration form to manage payment

5 Reminders on Creating an Online Registration Form:

1. Design your online sign-up form with attractions

Your event sign-up form marks the first step of your registrants getting closer and closer to the event. The banner of the landing page catches attendees’ eyeballs in the first few seconds. That’s why you should put an image that is relevant and impressive to your registrants in order to keep them engaged in applying for your event. You can use past event photos or intriguing images to let them explore your event.

2. Tell people more about your event

Under the banner in the landing page, you should state the purpose of this registration form. You have to inform people the event details including the event name, date, time, time zone, organizer, fee (if any) and a basic description or background of the event.

3. What are the components in your online event application form?

You can ask tons of questions, but a bulk will make registrants nauseous. Therefore, you need to shortlist suitable questions in order to attain information you need for pre-event preparation. The following is a table summarizing what components you may need to include in the registration form for a corporate annual dinner.

Questions you may include Options you may provide Suggested question type
Name   Short text (required)
Contact Number   Short text (required)
Department Sales & Marketing; Product Management; Accounting; Financial Analysis; Human Resources Radio button (required)
Email   Short text (required)
Any food allergy?   Short text
Joining the toasting or mingling session? Toasting session;Mingling session Multiple choice (required)

4. Do you need to receive payments?

If your event includes ticketing service, you ought to consider the ticket type, price, ticket(s) minimum and maximum quantity, sales period, approval mechanism, or do you want to show remaining tickets to your registrants. Fundamentally, you have to find an online event registration tool with ticketing functions. More than that, does the system allows you to send auto-confirmation emails to your participants to inform successful payment upon receiving the money? Otherwise, it takes a lot of administration work for you to monitor all the cash flows.

5. Say thank-you to your registrants

Upon successful registration, don’t forget to say a big thank-you for their keen registration. You can find online event registration tool that involves template design for a thank-you page. It should remind your attendees once again the event date and time.

Complete Guide to A Fabulous Registration Form with EventX

Now, you may be thrilled to create your own amazing event registration form to impress your attendees. Don’t know what to start with? Dig into our templates provided below and idealize your event sign-up form with EventX.

1. You should include the basic information of the event in the landing page; including the date and time, background information of the event and the organizer. Insert links to let your registrants explore the event or your brand more!

2. You can drag the components you need in the menu bar into your registration form and shift their positions accordingly. Turn on the Required button if the question is compulsory. You can also input the question hints under the question.

3. You can now preview your registration form!

4. If your event involves payment, after filling up the information above, registrants will be directed to our payment page. EventX’s payment method supports Alipay, WeChat Pay, and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

5. Wrap your registration form with a thank-you page.

  • For corporate event organizers, you may refer to the following annual dinner registration form template!
  • For organizers who would like to host a conference or expo, you can make reference to the following template.

Learn more about how we can transform your events with tech

With EventX, every step of your registration workflow can be digitally transformed. Create your own amazing registration form with us right now. Sign up for a free demo now to know more.

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