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Comparison of 5 different virtual trade show platforms

More and more events, such as trade shows, are held online. This article provides a comparison between various virtual event platforms, so you can choose the best online trade show software!

Due to the growing threat of COVID-19, more and more events are held online during these turbulent times. Ranging from conference to trade show, there are various virtual platforms helping event organizers to shift the events from offline to online.

With miscellaneous service providers available, it seems confusing to select the best virtual trade show platform, as most of them serve as a similar tool to assist in bringing the events online.

As such, below is a comparison between our newly developed virtual event platform and other service providers’ online trade show platform options for readers’ consideration. It is hoped that you can gain some insights after reading this article.

How to choose the best suitable virtual trade show platform?

  • Pricing
    • Budget could be a pivotal factor for every virtual event planning. Some brands may even offer free demo/trial so that you can experience around to make the decision.
  • Language
    • If you are hosting a foreign event, it is important to set up multi-language of the platform to reach international customers. Besides, make sure the virtual event platform can works in other countries. 
  • Customer support
    • Even if you are a virtual event expertise, it is hard to prevent technique problems before it happened. Therefore, it is important to find a reliable vendor that can provide full I.T. support and fix the problem immediately especially during the live event day.

Top 5 virtual trade show platforms in the market

1. EventX

Virtual Exhibition is a platform designed by EventX and it aims to bring numerous events including but not limited to industry expo, job fairs, annual conferences and trade shows online.

Among all features that are favorable to a successful trade show, what makes it stand out is the virtual 3D demonstration. Apart from the 3D demonstration, exhibitors can view the exhibit and products as well as interact with the booth staff via chat box and video call.

Aside from that, users can also customize trade show booths to showcase company multimedia elements such as e-brochures, posters, videos and so on. As for the pricing, clients can directly communicate with sales representatives to get hold of it.

The platform also supports fast and seamless virtual event experience for China attendees. Making you and your event success even it was hosted in China. They will still provide the best solution for their honorable clients.

Pricing: Available on request.

Language: Vendor located in Hong Kong. The platform support multi-language include English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and etc.

Customer support: Provide full support online during business hours and limited service after working hours.

2. vFairs

vFairs is a tool which provides online exhibition services like virtual conferences, trade shows, job fairs and networking fairs.

Similarly, it allows interactions between exhibitors and attendees. There are live streaming and real-time chat box functions where users can communicate with each other. Besides, exhibitors can also customize virtual booths to make them resemble real exhibit booths on the virtual trade show floor.

Additionally, It incorporates e-commerce elements into the platform. Attendees can purchase products that appeal to them during the trade show or save them by adding to the cart and buy later.

Pricing: Available on request.

Language: English based. Vendor located  in United States. 

Customer support: Provide 24/7 service support online with live representative.

3. Hexafair

Hexafair is a platform well-matched to a virtual summit, virtual trade show and virtual expo. With 3D interactive features, event visitors can explore the booths through a bird’s-eye view.

Unfortunately, both attendees and exhibitors cannot have a live streaming communication, since it doesn’t foster live demonstration. However, there is a room for interaction. Trade shows visitors can first view the pre-recorded videos which are uploaded by exhibitors and then raise questions regarding the products afterwards.

In terms of the execution, there is a special function called “attendee directory” which can be regarded as a networking tool. It enables users to view profiles, strike up conversation via video calls or chat box. 

Pricing: Available on request. You can also request a free demo.

Language: English based. Vendor located in India. 

Customer support: Provide 24/7 service support online with live representative.

4. 6Connex

6Connex is an online event platform particularly designed for virtual trade shows, summits and job fairs. With regard to the setting, it provides visitors with a “Sims” like environment to walk in the virtual exhibit booths. It is also possible for the exhibitors to customize and add some branding elements into the booths.

Although there are chatting features for both exhibitors and attendees to interact via live messages, there is no video chat function or room for them to host any meeting in the trade show, implying that the interactions are limited.

However, the platform empowers event organizers to facilitate audience engagement through a Leaderboard function. Points can be delivered to visitors for completion of specific actions during the virtual trade show and they can also view their scores on the Leaderboard.

Pricing: Available on request.

Language: English based. Vendor located in United States. 

Customer support: No detail.

5. GTR

GTR is an event tool tailored for virtual events. It combines virtual networking and webinars which can be used for virtual trade shows.

Both trade show exhibitors and visitors can communicate with each other through one-on-one live meetings. Exhibitors can also demonstrate and showcase their products to attendees to comment on.

Moreover, there is a searchable directory which allows all event stakeholders to search for all information they need, enhancing the info accessibility and easiness for connection.

Pricing: Available on request. Free trial provide.

Language: English based. Vendor located in United States. 

Customer support: Provide 24/7 service support online with live representative.

  EventX vFairs Hexafair 6Connex GTR  
Price Available on request Available on request Free Trial Available on request Free Trial  
Language English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean English English English English  
Customer Support Fully support at working hour 24/7 service support online 24/7 service support online 
24/7 service support online


All in all, the social distancing measures may seem to cause some inconveniences for the entire event industry, but every cloud has a silver lining. With different virtual virtual trade show platforms available these days, it is still attainable for participants to organise and attend the events online. Knowing all the benefits and loopholes among various platforms, it is believed that all readers can eventually pick out the most ideal event tool for them.

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